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January 28, 2014

This Week in Preparedness 1.24.14

TWiP: Top trending preparedness topics of the week

Hospital preparedness for natural disasters has come into question more than ever since Hurricane Katrina. Despite preparedness efforts on the part of healthcare institutions they remain vulnerable to natural disasters because much of the preparedness and training that's going on in healthcare has failed to touch on the real issues.

Should you have to dial a"9" to get an outside line when you're staying in a hotel? That's the question being asked after a series of events highlighting the fact that you just can't pick up the phone in a hotel or some businesses and dial 911. The need to dial an extra digit to obtain an outside line has been questioned by many fire and emergency service personnel over the years. With modern technology that includes the ability to text message many 911 systems are adding enhanced features that allow them to receive emergency calls via text messaging. It seems intuitive that the need to dial a "9" to get an outside line has certainly outgrown its usefulness… if it ever served a purpose.

An article I wrote back in 2010 highlighting the details in planning that went into the failed Times Square bombing event has received a  fair amount of attention this week. This article highlights the fact that explosive events are real threat it's civilian soft targets in at those who would carry out such an event have the ability to plan and conduct surveillance on their intended targets.

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