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January 18, 2014

This Week in Preparedness

Topping the Twitter Feeder  - A week in review

We continue to expect that hospitals Will be prepared to handle anything that we bring to them. Unfortunately the level of preparedness for most hospitals and emergency departments in United States is lacking. If hospitals are truly part of critical infrastructure and emergency departments part of the initial response to disaster they must be prepared, protected, trained, and supported. In 2014 Will have to answer the question" hospitals: are they public-health for public safety?"

This was an interesting piece that caught my eye because it encouraged us to shelter in place in event of a nuclear blast. It was also interesting because the peace encouraged us to calculate how long or how far would take us to get to the next place of shelter from where we currently are. The interesting bias in the story was the assumption that you would know where to go for shelter, have an idea of how to get there, and what the road conditions and travel time would be like during times of crisis. Most interestingly you'd make these decisions after a new player detonation…
The story boasts about the precautions taken to prevent and Deter active shooter an explosive events that mass gatherings. High profile event such as the Olympics, The World Series, and the Super Bowl, have all undergone tremendous scrutiny for their security efforts. But when it comes to truly being prepared training for explosive events and active shooters is child's play compared to planning and preventing a biologic event.

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