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July 31, 2016

In the Last Year

Its been a year since Ive written anything for Mitigation Journal. Although I think of it often, writing on the topic of preparedness has become exhausting. Even as I type this entry I wonder if the project should continue.

Mitigation Journal started as a garage project back in 2005. Quickly evolving from a static blog to a podcast the reader/listenership ballooned within weeks. With the explosion of podcasting popularity came listeners from all over the globe - and I found my articles being read by thousands and my voice being heard by many more each week.

It was all good.

Then, for some reason, I just stopped writing.

That is until recently when a local story caught my attention. It was a story that was heralded as something new and rather exotic. Lots of ears and eyes opened.

A few clicks and minutes later, I found the series of posts written about six-years ago on this particular "new and exotic" happening and reposted them. Within an hour my website was buzzing as the number of hits climbed.

It was then that I noticed the page statistics. Despite not writing for so long the number of unique visits to Mitigation Journal continued steady. Amazing.

So, this is the long way of saying, perhaps wishing, that we will start posting here again.

If you have thoughts on this, I'd love to hear them.

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